Weekends are the two best days of the week. And the only days where most of us plan leisure activities for ourselves and with our family & friends. And while making plans is exciting and fun to indulge in, spending a big amount of money every weekend isn’t feasible. However, there are activities and other interesting ways to enjoy the weekend by not spending a single penny on any of it. Here are the five best no-spend activities to engage in.

  1. Prepare A Date-Night Setting At Home

If you are a couple, setting-up a date-night dinner meal is one of the best ideas to spend one of your weekends. Play dress-up, arrange a table and light up a few candles, put on some music and cook up a meal that both of you like! Sip on some wine and dance it out.cIt has to be one of the best ways to bring in a lazy Sunday and catch up on some old romance once in a while!

  1. Plan A Cycling Trip Nearby

Who said you cannot work-out on a weekend? Well, you can get your cardio done by cycling to a nearby farm or river or a local village. Plan a solo cycling trip with some music on and enjoy the cool breeze as winter approaches. Even better, if you can get someone to accompany you, you can race together, get some lunch and ride back in the evening. The energy will have you pumped and going.

  1. Indulge In Indoor Games

For cold and wintery places, indoor games are the best resort! From board games to carrom and cards, a game night is a perfect way to unwind with your family and friends while sipping on some hot chocolate. Indoor games bring in your loved ones together, will have you up and giggling all night and will reboot you mentally after a long week.

  1. Binge Watch Your Eyes Out

For someone who probably lives alone, binge watching your favourite series or movie has to be one of the cosiest and most comfortable weekend ideas. Who doesn’t like curling up in bed and watching their favourite movie? So, put down a list of shows and movies that you’ll like to watch, put them on your wish-list and enjoy a cinematic experience throughout the weekend.

  1. Arrange a Garage Sale

One of the most productive ideas is to arrange for a garage sale. This benefits you in two ways! For starters, you get rid of all those things that you are never going to use and secondly you are helping someone out and earning some money too. With empty wardrobes and filled wallets, a garage sale is only going to be advantageous!

So go ahead and plan a useful activity that will have you busy and add to your weekend fun!

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