5 Breezy Books worth Binge-Reading!


Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat!

Reading a fiction book has always managed to transfer me into a different world. There is always a mystery or romance and most importantly creative freedom from the writer’s point of view! Fiction books give readers the luxury to interpret the story in whichever way they want! With so many possibilities and so few boundaries, one gets to explore multiple layers underneath a character. As for me, a good book is always heart-warming! It is almost like binge-watching a short series on Netflix, but much better! Here, I have compiled a list of 5 favourite books that I breezed through during the lockdown. Because why not?!

  1. The Rumour – Thriller – 4.5/5

It is the first book written by Lesley Kara. Call it a beginner’s luck or a creative overflow, the novel left me so impressed! The mystery created is so strong that it had me up all night! I recommend this read because it has the perfect mix of every genre – mystery, romance, and thriller; it has a strong focus on family dynamics with a reflection on a live-in couple, a mother-daughter’s relation, a grandmother-son’s relation, same-sex couples, etc and lastly the afterthoughts! The novel raises important questions and will have you lingering with thoughts about it for days. One is a book that will stay with you for a long time.

  1. Wish I Could Tell You – Romance – 3.5/5

Durjoy Datta’s work ages like fine wine! Having read almost every novel that he has written, this piece is one of the finest! It’s about love where one owes their life for their partner, quite literally. With so many characters and the depth of each one, this book will have your read it from cover to cover. The story is intriguing and revolves around two characters that love each other but haven’t expressed it to one another. It is about unspoken love! Who doesn’t love such a dreamy story?

  1. Pyjamas Are Forgiving – Satirical – 4/5

Written by Mrs. Twinkle Khanna, this book is witty and fun. With her first book being Mrs. Funnybones, she proved that her writing skills had all its elements of wit & humor! With the second book, she dives deep into a lady’s mind and has managed to tread onto emotional topics like divorce and treachery with such a great sense of humor and sarcasm that had me laugh out at each page. Her books are a breezy read, will have in a happy mood and is for the light hearted.

  1. The Daily Stoic – Inspirational – 5/5

This is the only non-fiction book on this list but an absolute must-read. The book is all about learning and it has had me addicted to it. I personally read one principle each day and it leaves me with positive thoughts throughout my day. The book has managed to bring in a different perspective that is relatable & thus I absolutely vouch for it, even to non-readers.

  1. One Indian Girl – Narrative – 3/5

How would an Indian reader’s list of novels be complete without a mention of Chetan Bhagat? I am just kidding! One Indian Girl is honestly an average book, but I highly recommend it to every young Indian girl. It is an empowering book carved into all the non-traditional ways. It subtly teaches women to not rush into important life decisions, focuses on your own happiness and how to move on. In the end, the action of the protagonist might be debatable for some families, but I personally think it is the ground-breaking revolution that our society needs!

Edited by – Kirti Panchal

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