Sex is one of the most personal and sacred acts of love! It is intimate, warm, cosy and fuzzy for the soul. This act of love is one that should be in the comfort and consent of both individuals, should be performed with love and care and most importantly there should be utmost respect towards each other and the act. If you are someone who is indulging in sex for the first time or someone who is planning on having sex with a new partner for the first time or even those of you who are an absolute pro at the act, these are discussions you should be having with your sex partner!

  1. Getting Medically Checked

One of the most important things to keep in mind before getting sexually involved is to get you and your partner medically checked for sexually transmitted diseases. Firstly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and secondly, it is life threatening to be indulging in sex without knowing the medical history of your partner. Never ever avoid the STD tests!

  1. Understanding & Establishing Consent

Consent is one of the most important factors to be understood and ingrained when you are sexually active. May you be a girl or a boy, if your partner says No or is seemingly uncomfortable with what you are doing to them, you should immediately stop. Speak to them, talk it out and understand their thought process. Apologise and make them feel safe.

  1. Understanding Comfort

It is imperative for each partner to understand what the other is comfortable with. May it be wearing certain clothes during the act, trying out a new position or indulging in erotic behaviour, all of it should be discussed before trying or imposing it on your partner. It is important that both individuals enjoy sex thoroughly and part-take equally.

  1. Understanding Protective Measures

It is a wise idea to visit a gynecologist when you are sexually active. For women, it is important to understand all your protective measures such as the pill, condoms, vaginal rings, diaphragms, cervical caps and so on which aids in birth control! As for men, they need to educate themselves on all these protective measures and never deny using a condom.

  1. The Right To Pleasure

Sex essentially is one of the most pleasurable indulgences of all time. It is healthy for the body and is very natural. For men, it is common to ejaculate sperms when he has attained pleasure. As for women, it could be multiple times where she can attain pleasure and for that, her partner needs to be involved and equally focussed on providing her with pleasure as many times as she wants it.

Sex is one of the most pleasurable acts of life and there is nothing more sacred than sharing your body with someone you love and indulging in affectionate actions that make you feel protected, respected, loved and sexually beautiful!

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