The menstrual cycle is one of the most natural processes of a women’s body. The cycle lasts from up to 3 to 7 days, depending on the body of each woman. So does the pain. It varies from woman to woman and there is no specific reason as to why it is higher for some women and lower for other women. However, those who experience medium to high pain during their period cycle can go through a tough week and can be a harrowing experience every month. Thus, here are five ways that can possibly help those of you who suffer from period pain and could do with a little help! 

  • Hot Water Bag = Your Best Friend 

The hot water bag is the most magical product for every girl or woman who deals with period pain every month. The hot water bag works with its heat working at reducing the tightening of muscles and improving blood flow! You can use it on your lower abdomen and lower back by wrapping the hot bag in a thin towel. 

  • Exercising Is Compulsory 

Indulging in regular exercise is beneficial anyways. And it gets even better when it is a part of your lifestyle! It is noticed that women who are fit, ones who exercise regularly and those who indulge in a light jog or brisk walk even on their period days tend to experience lesser pain than normal. So, don’t shy away from putting on some music and taking a walk around the park – even on your first day! Make sure to not overdo it. 

  • Focus On The Right Diet 

The right kind of diet is a process that takes years in its making. Consuming healthy food takes years of practice, dedication and motivation. But know that when it’s done right, your body is the one that is smiling. As for women with period pain, avoiding caffeine, spicy food, sugary goodies and alcohol is for your own good. Eating right always leads to a healthier life. 

  • Hydration Is Crucial 

We’ve all heard that the human body needs at least 3 liters a day! And while most of us do not give it that much thought, it is one of the main reasons why we complain of aches and pains and remain sluggish! Hydrating your body with enough liquids is crucial for the well-being of our health. So make ‘chugging water’ a habit because it helps with flushing out toxins, improves your skin and takes away all the aches. 

  • Rest Is The Biggest Painkiller 

There are women that deal with painful periods in spite of doing everything right. And that is okay. So, make sure you listen to your body, rest it out when it is asking you to, take a day off at work and don’t push yourself too much. Because god knows, girls are the boss and we may shed a few tears or complain of period pain but we are totally capable of acing the world at our fingers!  

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