Indian snacks are one of the most delicious and healthy savories to choose from in a global palette. Indian cooking busts the myth of ingredients like oil and ghee (clarified butter) that are claimed to supposedly be unhealthy. Professional dieticians have studied and understood that our food is supposed to be consumed according to our location, weather and body type.

Here, we bring to you five healthy Indian snacks that can easily be cooked at home with all safety taken, all under 45 minutes and are designed to suit our Indian bodies. It is always advisable to consume a traditional diet, indulge in a local taste-bud and feed our bodies the nutrition it requires. Go on and read through to take in these easy recipes that you can try at home and savor to your heart’s content!

  1. Khaman Dhokla

This is a Gujarati delicacy and is relished by foodies all over the country. Khaman Dhokla is basically a savory gram flour cake that is soft and fluffy in texture, can be prepared by a steam on a stovetop and is healthy as well as filling.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/3aYgRO6

  1. Bhel Puri

This is a Mumbai street-food delicacy and is very easy to make at home. Made with puffed rice and with a variety of chutneys, this snack is tasty, healthy and easy on the tummy. It is favourable to be consumed at any time of the day.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/3d0dqt5 

  1. Mumbai Vegetable Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the best options for a healthy snack that can be filled with vegetables, chutney and can be made with a variety of bread that suit your taste and body type. You can add spice powders to make it more savoury and to your taste.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/3tMmzLJ

  1. Kothimbir Vadi

This is a traditional Marathi recipe that is a delicious and crispy savoury snack made with gram flour and coriander leaves along with spices. It’s simple to cook and one could make a low-fat version by steaming the vadis rather than frying them.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/3qaSpzn

  1. Poha

This is a traditional Marathi recipe that is usually made for breakfast with flattened rice and spices. It is a healthy snacking option and will leave you with a filled tummy. It is definitely a great kickstart for a long day! It could be made in a vegan and gluten-free manner too.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/3qc8oxp

With such amazing and easy recipe ideas, I hope you do not resort to your western pancakes and bread because these Indian local delicacies are quick and easy to make, healthy for your body, indulgent to your taste-buds and make for a great way to vouch for being ‘vocal about local’!

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