We are one of the luckiest species to be living on planet Earth, possibly the only planet to have life on it! From humans to animals and from plants to sea life, the earth has birthed eons of life and continues to do so. We are one of the latest and last species to be born and unfortunately the primary reason why resources are diminishing, there is an urgency to combat climate change and many more global issues that are seriously hampering the environment and needs to be dealt with.

Earth Day was born on 22nd April 1970 and has been celebrated every year since then. It is a modern environmental movement that gave voice to an emerging public awareness about the state of our planet. With vast amounts of poisonous gases that were let out into open air by hundreds of industries for years had residents of countries all over consuming the same, not knowing the ill effects to their health and the planet’s health.

Initiated by Senator Gaylord Nelson who had been worried about the growing destruction of the planet’s health and Denis Hayes, a young activist employed to organize student participation for an event highlighting the reason behind this special day are two faces that need to be applauded for bringing about a ripple effect of changes globally through the years.

In 1990, the campaign touched its wings to the globe and there was a multi-fold interest generated among activists as well as common people around the world! With organizations like EarthDay.Org and many others that work round the clock to create awareness among individuals and industries, implement measures for conservation and restoration & set out guidelines to educate the younger generation about science in general with a focus on the planet are doing an amazing job for the welfare of humanity as a whole!

As for 2021, EarthDay.Org has organized three days of action from April 20 – 22, 2021 to celebrate World Earth Day. With over a billion participants registered all around the world, the events call for taking an action together in order to restore our beautiful planet Earth.

Starting with 20th April, the global youth climate summit will be led by multiple organizations and famous young activists like Greta Thunberg, Licypriya Kangujam and many others over a four-hour digital summit. Moving on to 21st April, organizations like Education International will lead the ‘Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit’, spanned across several time zones with prominent activists from different continents. Lastly, 22nd April will witness a global climate summit along with the Earth Day Live digital event which will be a multi-hour, multi-channel live stream across many segments with world leaders and climate activists spelling out their two-bits and being involved.

World Earth Day is one of the most important days for mankind and each one of us should try to contribute and put in an effort in any small way to conserve natural resources, replenish the wasted ones and build a brighter and better planet for the generations to come.

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