Dear You,

Today I write to you as a fellow woman and a species of the same gender as you, to attempt to understand how you think and why do you think the way you do? It is true that women are their own enemies in most cases! But I have never understood why? Why is it so difficult to understand that there have been strong women in every generation who have rebelled, voiced an opinion and fought for our gender for years, and have managed to create a platform where paths are easier for us to walk on, there is a ray of hope when it comes to equality, opportunities are getting better at work-spaces and there is a movement of change and a vibe of progress when it comes to women empowerment!

With so much in favor of us, why are you one of those who still treats your son differently than your daughter, expect your teenage daughter to imbibe cooking skills while allowing your teenage son to roam around late at night, expect only your daughter-in-law to manage household chores, preach that equality is needed but do not implement your preaching in actions? With so much ambiguity in everything we do as women, I find more support from men towards feminism and women empowerment than women themselves!

It is so easy for women to judge her best friends, pull down their daughter-in-law’s, empower their sons and suppress their daughters, be jealous of someone owning something luxury, judging her peer’s success and blaming it on her indulgence in shabby affairs, detaching oneself from a daughter’s birth because she is going to marry one day, teaching the future generation that men are more important, giving sons the liberty to treat his wife the way he wants because it is his right and a million other notions that we as women have to understand and put a full-stop!

Instead, stop and take a minute to think! With a single woman changing comes a revolutionary change for a family! They say educate a girl child and you’ll be educating a family. The time is now, to act, to rebel, to ask for a say, to fight for your right, and most importantly to support women all over, from all races and all colors. Be the one who you wanted to go to when you did not have any support!

Always remember, women support women and you are the best and only one who’ll fully understand what another woman is going through. So, take your gender as a blessing and be grateful that you have the capacity and capability to help another fellow woman out.

Support Others. Be Kind. Keep Cheering. Smile Often & most importantly Be A Woman.  

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