Winters are the favourite months for most of us. With a nip in the air, great food and a chance to wear all your woollies and be fashionable are what gets to us every winter season. However, with all the pros comes cons too. The cold season is usually harsh on your skin, leaving it itchy and dry. While there is a lot that is been said and done for the hair, scalp, face and body, most of us tend to forget to pay attention to our feet! So here are handy tips to pamper and take care of your feet this winter.

  1. Pedicures Are A Must

Pedicures are one of the easiest ways to keep your feet healthy, glowing and neat. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who hits the parlour every month or does it at home by yourself, just make sure you do it every month. A pedicure keeps the dead-skin away, includes removing in-growths if any and aspires to keep your feet fungal-free. So, go ahead and make yourself an appointment and get your feet to relax and rejuvenate.

  1. Indulge In Foot Soaks & Foot Scrubs

Apart from the monthly pedicure sessions, it is important to indulge in weekly feet soaks with some Epsom salt that is known for its relaxing element and helpful for those of you who suffer from spurs in the feet. Additionally, while bathing it is a good idea to scrub your feet with DIY home-made packs or commercial foot scrub packs and a foot scrubber. This regime will keep your heels healthy and soft.

  1. Foot Massages Are Saviours

Foot massages are relaxing and great for blood circulation. This could be done once in two months by a professional foot therapist at a spa where you can get your feet pampered and enjoy some time alone. Massages are known to release stiff muscles, reduce tension and stress and are a great way of identifying nail in-growths, corns, or injuries.

  1. Make Coconut Oil Your Best Friend

Coconut Oil is one of the best skin-care ingredients. The easiest way to glowing & moisturized skin is by dousing your feet in some coconut oil every night during bed-time. It leaves the feet relaxed, hydrates and moisturises the skin all night and leaves your heels and feet skin soft and supple.

  1. Add Socks & Comfortable Footwear To Your List 

Wearing a protective layer is always beneficial. For winters, if you choose to wear socks all day and all night, you are only adding up to better feet skin, happy heels and beautiful toes. Socks and comfortable foot-wear are a great combination for dry-feet, sensitive skin and tired legs. So, it’s time to get fashionable even if you are sitting & binging at home!

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