Don’t you think it is high time that Men share the load? Or do you still feel that household duties are for women and earning a livelihood for the family is a man’s job? Well, we live in a country that is deeply rooted within its culture and is ingrained into its thought processes. There is no right or wrong to an ideology, instead, it is something we all need to collectively accept as a part of the change in generations and moving forward. 

Till the early eighties, duties were mostly bifurcated between every couple in a common Indian household family where the woman takes care of the home duties, children and family while the men step out to work and earns money for his family. With a division of duties among every couple, they felt like their lives were easier and neither of them came in the way of stepping on each other’s toes. There would also be no competition and each of them would compliment the other’s hard work at the end of the day. 

With the nineties came big changes. Education was now a priority for girls too. The focus was put on educating the girl child and encourage her to be a part of the country’s workforce too. As women started earning and having an equal opportunity as men, something which they should have been given ages ago, there came an inert understanding that why should only women do all the household chores as well as earn? It was now evident that multi-tasking between the house, kids, family, chores, social events and work was expected only out of the woman while the men only had to focus on their work and still be given all the hail and praise. 

Father Sweeps Floor As Pregnant Mother Relaxes On Sofa

Thankfully, things are changing for good with men and women, both taking up responsibilities of the house as well as of work. Men are gradually learning culinary skills, equal parenting, taking up responsibilities of their in-laws and managing household chores too. Thus, giving a head start to gender equality from home itself! It is important to educate and explain to men about equal responsibilities rather than pushing them into it. 

It is imperative that men and women both understand and accept the role of a man in the social and homely life. As for those of you who might be living in a slightly conservative or restrictive family, start with breaking simple barriers. For example, everyone picks up their own plate or have your son lay the table, or encourage your husband to load the washing machine every weekend. It is these small things that bring about a change as a whole and gradually have the family involved in helping the lady of the house. 

Breaking barriers doesn’t have to necessarily be a rebellious movement, it can be done with love, care and lots of encouragement! Because in the end, both of you need each other and the family needs both of you. 

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