The year 2020 will surely go down in history, thanks to the COVID-19 virus that has caused a pandemic globally! Throughout the year, we have internalized and learned terms like ‘quarantine’, ‘pandemic’, ‘asymptomatic’, and so on which are now heavily a part of our daily lives! 2020 saw millions of cases, thousands of deaths, and sufferings of many kinds but above all came the human-spirit which never diminished. The pandemic brought in a force into every individual to be socially responsible, mindful towards the less privileged, thankful to the front-line workers globally, and most importantly grateful to still be alive!

A Journey Through The Current Statistics

A year into the pandemic, India faces its second wave of coronavirus.

  1. With approximately 72 crore vaccines being administered – health experts are positive that the immunisation drive will continue to safeguard many and are working round the clock to ensure that each resident acquires their doses effectively.
  2. The second wave has brought in approximately 47,000 new cases with more than 200 deaths, thus pushing up the death toll to 1.60 lakhs overall in India.
  3. It has also been the single and sharpest rise in cases since November 2020. With over 80% of fresh cases coming in from states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka & Madhya Pradesh, state governments are strictly implementing a complete shutdown on schools, gatherings, festivals and celebrations of any kind!

As for the global count of cases, WHO claims that deaths and fresh cases have been on a rise once again and it is definitely an alarming situation for the whole world who has joined hands to continue the fight in order to contain the virus.

So, let’s treat COVID-19 as a challenge rather than a shameful disease. Think of it as any other virus and sickness and make sure you fight your battle like a warrior. A positive thought process, a strong mind and a healthy body are all you need in times like these.

Symptoms Of COVID-19

If you are someone or know of anyone experiencing any of these symptoms, ensure that you take a Covid-19 test which includes a nasal & throat swab along with a blood test to know if you are an affected patient.

–        Fever

–        Body-ache

–        Cold & Cough

–        Breathlessness

–        Pain in the chest

–        Weakness

What Next?

If you are someone or know of anyone who is an affected Covid-19 patient, listen to your doctor and opt for the measures that you have been instructed to.

Home Isolation: You can isolate yourself in the comfort of your home and refrain from living in one room. Ensure you take your medications on time, eat healthily and get enough rest. Use your free time to watch and read up on things that will make you feel positive. Avoid meeting anyone and take multiple tests even after testing negative.

Hospitalisation: If you are leaning towards a little more serious condition, don’t freak out! Trust your body, have patience and cooperate with the healthcare staff to take the best care of you. Being admitted alone without any loved one to check up on you can be a daunting experience, but know that you are doing it for the right reasons.

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