I am young, and I am healthy, should I get vaccinated against COVID-19, especially if the virus is more lethal for people who older or/and have co-morbidities? I am sure you must be thinking about this, and with vaccine just a few days away now, you need to make up your mind before you roll up your sleeves. 

Many believe that since most of the people recover from COVID-19 without hospitalization or treatment anyway, why should they get vaccinated at all?

Let’s have a look at some facts. 

According to WHO, among those who develop symptoms, most (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing hospital treatment. About 15% become seriously ill and require oxygen and 5% become critically ill and need intensive care.

Once recovered, from COVID-19, we develop some immunity, thanks to the antibodies generated by our immune system. Now no one is sure how long this immunity lasts, but recent research claims that they may stay in your body from 8 months to many years.

Does Young Mean Safe?

Before you celebrate, here’s a caveat – not all young ones come out of COVID-19 infection successfully. Some face disastrous after-effects that can be lifelong or even life-threatening especially if you have obesity, diabetes, or hypertension.

Moreover, recent reports have suggested that the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the western countries and Europe can be blamed on the younger population who refused to stay home during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

You Can Still Spread It!

There’s a reason why schools are shut in across the world even though the mortality rate among children from COVID-19 being low. The reason is that children may often display mild to no symptoms but still act as a superspreader of the disease giving the virus to their parents or grandparents.

Another important thing to notice here is that the vaccine may not always work. Pfizer and Moderna have displayed 95% efficacy, whereas AstraZeneca’s vaccine is said to be close to 70% efficacious. Now, what would happen if your parents/grandparents are among those who did not develop any immunity from the virus? They can still get it from you if you are not vaccinated. This may be extremely rare but not inconceivable.

CONCLUSION – Go For Vaccination!

Youngsters, especially in western countries have shown utter stupidity by falling for the anti-vaxxers’ propaganda. The very fact that the young generation did not see or experience the diseases our forefathers did, they may be unaware of the benefit of the vaccines. But just because you didn’t see Ebola or Smallpox around you, it doesn’t mean that they are not lethal or they don’t exist. Vaccines are made for a reason.

While you may have your safety concerns regarding vaccines, but our suggestion would be to believe in facts and science. Vaccine research is largely transparent and anyone with even an iota of doubt must read them or ask the expert before getting it.

Until then, as our PM Modi said. Jab tak dawai nahi, tab tak dhilaai nahi.

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