1. Tell us a little about yourself, your previous working experience and how the idea of ‘Only Two Feet’ was born? 

Shoes for some, pure love for me. Just like most affairs, this one too started with an infatuation, grew into a passion and finally into an obsession. To find a well-made, well-designed, well-fitted shoe felt like a dream to me. So, I decided to pursue that and make it my dream by leaving my 10-year old career in media and bringing my passion to life.

My shoe lust took me to the mecca of fashion- Milan, Italy where I studied footwear designing and collection development at ‘Ars Sutoria School’, the world-renowned University of Footwear. Then, I honed my skills in the technical aspects of handmade shoe manufacturing at the ‘Footwear Summer School’ at the prestigious London School of Fashion, University of Arts London. After 18-months and hundreds of lasts and materials later, I launched my labour of love in 2017.

  1. What is the concept of Only Two Feet?

Only Two Feet is a brand that promises exquisite collections of handmade shoes, crafted of the finest material, with an impeccable finish. An irresistible collection that’s bound to make every shoe lover go – ‘Oh what a dilemma, so many shoes and I have only two feet!’

  1. Take us through the processes of how your shoes are made?

My creative process is not fixed and is quite organic. I get inspired by history, architecture, nature and all things beautiful. Trends are also something I watch closely. Color is a very important component in my creativity and I love to play around with that. While creativity is boundless and limitless at the end of the day my footwear is not meant for a museum and has to be worn by customers. Hence comfort is paramount and goes hand in hand with creativity. Once I have an idea, I go to the drawing board. I explore materials and colors. After that, I work closely with my karigars to ensure the style and design is comfortable. This may involve many iterations to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and style.

  1. Who is the target audience of Only Two Feet?

Our client is an urban woman between 25 years – 60 years who is on her feet a lot and values comfort over everything. We have a wide variety of styles to cater to our audience across ages. She may be a career woman, a mother or a homemaker. She’s independent and likes to indulge herself. She’s discerning and likes to know the story & source behind everything she buys.

  1. With hundreds of established shoe brands in the market – how successful do you think is the idea of bespoke shoes on a local level and what is your signature style?

The thought of choosing a pair of Bespoke shoes is gradually growing in India. Our signature style is the Pastel block Kolhapuris instantly took off when we launched them. It has been our best seller and has also made it to the wardrobe of many celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Anaita Adajania Shroff, Jhanvi Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and many more.

The other style that we are best known for and is our USP to a large extent is our pure leather range of premium footwear that uses the best quality leather that is imported from Italy and is for the discerning, niche client. The rest of our footwear is Vegan and non-leather.

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  1. A start-up business can be majorly successful or hauntingly How did you decide to take the plunge and chose to start your own business?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and there are many challenges. Right from the capital, to retailing, identifying and catering to your target audience consistently, finding different modes of distribution, marketing your label in a cluttered market, avoiding wastage, customer service, dealing with labour, and churning out something unique, it’s all very challenging. The list is endless but, in the end, the result is worth all of it!

I must say that when one chooses to start their own business, a great support system really helps. My husband has been my biggest support and cheerleader. Luckily he supported me when I decided to quit my job and start my own venture. And my parents taught me to prioritize work, be sincere towards one’s job, understanding financial independence and self-discipline, all of which I have tried to imbibe from them.

  1. Would you like to share some advice to budding start-ups or to someone that has a business idea and is contemplating it?

My advice for someone starting out as an entrepreneur is just following your dreams. You have one life. It’s better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. Do prepare and educate yourself but don’t procrastinate too much before launching your business. There are things you will learn only once you launch and while you are on the job. The mistakes and the trails and errors are all part of the journey. The idea is to pick yourself up and keep going on, learn from your mistakes and never give up.

You can check out Only Two Feet on social media:

Website: www.onlytwofeet.in

Instagram: @onlytwofeet_

Facebook: @OnlyTwoFeetIN

Contact Details: +91-9920230664

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