In simple terms, gender equality is basically equal opportunities for both men and women and any other gender in spite of their race, color or ethnicity. And while it is crucial that the term needs to be understood by all, it is easier and better if the thought is seeded into children at a young age. It is understandable that children do not have biases, don’t differentiate between anyone or anything, thus it is perfect to guide and ingrain them with values that will stay with them for life and make them into responsible and successful individuals. 

Here are some easy and effective ideas that encourage the thought of ‘Gender Equality’ in children:

  • Be The Role Model 

Gender Equality starts at home and that is why it is important to practice what you preach. You are always going to be your child’s role model and that is why you need to be the guiding light to their thoughts and their frame of mind in the growing years. Start with dividing your home duties, have your partner cook on multiple days and treat each other with respect! These are simple things that your child will observe and pick up. 

  • Teach Your Child To Respect The Body 

No matter if you have a daughter or son, teach them to understand and respect their own bodies along with the opposite gender’s too. Educate them about their physicality, name their organ as they are and encourage body positivity. Refrain them from social media and entertainment that promotes otherwise. 

  • Refrain From Dissecting Life Into Pink & Blue

The baseline of pink and blue is bifurcating between girls and boys. It is a statement that indirectly promotes gender inequality by dissecting what girls and boys should do and shouldn’t. It basically states strong paradigms and pillars depending on your gender. Thus, to discourage this thought process – allow your kids to wear their favourite color & choose what they like!  

  • Promote Non-traditional Stories

Encourage your child to watch all types of movies. Do not restrict your daughters to watch girly ones while your son watches superhero ones. Let them watch both kinds, reinforce their belief in strong characters and inculcate the right ideologies from the beginning. Also, make sure to tell them that stories aren’t always real and no girl should be waiting for a prince charming on a white horse. Instead, teach them to be self-loving and self-sufficient.

  • Understand The Freedom To Choose

As parents, ‘freedom’ is the best gift that you can give your child. The freedom to think and choose whatever they want to do with their life, though supporting and being there for them rather than imposing your ideologies and expectations. It is noticed that children who grow up in a free environment turn out to be responsible adults that are sensible and rational about their life. 

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