Hello there, Dog Lovers! You are a special breed already. Anyone who loves animals and can go out of their way to make these fur-babies lives a little extra special already deserves a place in heaven. Dogs are a pure breed of one of the most loving animals on the planet. They dedicate their whole lives to their master and for the strays, they are purely looking for love and care.

As for humans, it is so easy to take care of these fur-babies by financially helping organisations who deal with animal rescue and rehabilitation or personally adopt and foster a stray and even easier, adopt your building or society’s dog by sponsoring for its food, doctor visits and neck-bands. There is literally so much that you can do, so check out these animal NGOs in Mumbai & Delhi that are doing their best at taking care of strays, abandoned ones and pets who are lost or have strayed away.


Animals Matter To Me (AMTM): AMTM is an Animal Welfare charitable Trust, established in 2010 by Ganesh Nayak & Dheeraja Nayak. Since its inception, AMTM has worked towards animal welfare & animal rights. AMTM pools in resources in the form of manpower, medicines, material, veterinary help, & proceeds from individuals, organizations & private communities to successfully feed and care for the homeless, abandoned & abused animals found on our streets. The organisation is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of modern-day stray & abandoned animals. They provide refuge to animals that have suffered from abuse and neglect as a direct result of cruelty & reasons unknown.

Wanna Help AMTM: AMTM accepts donations in any amount for the welfare of all these fur-babies. You can also choose to volunteer with them for a few hours every week and help the management. Alternatively, you can adopt a dog and give it a loving home which is one of the best things that you’ll ever do!

Find all other information at: https://www.amtmindia.org/


Red Paws Rescue: This NGO is a non-profit charity aimed at the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs in New Delhi. Started by Sadhwi Sondhi at the young age of 17 years, her passion for these fur-babies and her idea behind creating awareness among locals is what made her start Red Paws Rescue. The aims and purposes of Red Paws Rescue include finding homes for Indian dogs and pups, placing abandoned pets into loving homes, mass sterilizations of stray animals in different zones across New Delhi., better medical care and to raise awareness of our cause.​

Wanna Help Red Paws Rescue: Red Paws Rescue encourages dog lovers to become dog savers by becoming monthly donors, sponsoring a dog under their care, adopting a homeless animal, fostering a fur-baby, volunteering with the NGO and helping out with fund-raising campaigns.

Find all other information at: https://www.redpawsrescue.com/

Friendicoes SECA: Established in 1979, Friendicoes SECA – is a city shelter that doubles up as a hospital that houses at least 150-200 dogs and other animals together. With a round-the-clock ambulance service, this space has two operation theatres, a laboratory and an X-ray unit for all the necessities of an injured animal and services to rehabilitate them. With a city and village shelter, Friendicoes SECA is doing a great job at saving strays, rehabilitating unwanted pets and injured animals, all under their costs.

Wanna Help Friendicoes SECA: Friendicoes SECA is open to the dog and animal lovers to volunteer and donate money and other necessities as per their liking. They are always on the look-out for people who are interested in adoption, fostering and volunteering. On the other hand, they have simple donation packages where you can indulge in spending for a single Rabies vaccine (approx $6) to sponsoring a vet and ambulance for a month (approx $2000).

Find all other information at: https://friendicoes.org/

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