Anxiety is such a small word but has several meanings and definitions. Also, in the fast-paced world that we live in, there are more reasons that mount up to stress in our daily lives. From tight work-deadlines to financial expectations and from increasing expenditure per family basis to societal expectations, all of it only creates subconscious anxiety in most individuals. Another reason for a herd of anxious people are other health factors like clinical depression, medical disorders and an inability to deal with a fast-paced life. Thus, here is where I list ways to possibly recognise hidden anxiety and ways to deal with it.

Recognizing Hidden Anxiety

These are the common traits of individuals suffering from an anxiety disorder. These traits aren’t specific, but can be traceable in most people who are dealing with hidden anxiety!

  1. Restlessness: It is common to notice anxiety in the form of constant movement. From a fidgeting body, inability to focus on one discussion, less patience and always wanting to be on the move are some common habits in stressed individuals.
  2. Panic Attacks: It could range from mild to severe. The inability of dealing with rejections, unachieved goals or disappointment in any form mostly leads to a panic attack where one resorts to a bad habit of smoking, drinking or adversely crying, shouting and bad anger management.
  3. Eating Disorders: It is seen that many anxious individuals resort to stress eating thus leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is basically binge eating without any control! On the other hand, there are few who cannot eat at all! They drastically loose weight & turn pale.

How To Deal With Hidden Anxiety

If you are someone suffering from any type of anxiety, it is important that you accept and acknowledge the problem. And if you are observant enough about someone suffering, these are some easy ways to help them and yourself.

  1. Inculcate Exercise

Exercising is the best idea for your physical as well as mental health! It gives your mind and body a break from the monotonous routine, your bouts of overthinking and has blood rushing to all parts of your body which is exactly what you need.

  1. Express Your Emotions

Be assured that expressing your emotions on pen & paper or in words to someone you trust is not about being weak. Instead, it will help you get out things from your system, your mind will feel freer and you’ll subconsciously be happier.

  1. Adopt Deep Breathing

The technique of deep breathing is under-rated for sure! This exercise works like magic for your mind – bringing you mental peace, stability and focus. Deep breathing exercises work at calming your entire system and relieve one from anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety is common but important enough to be paid attention to! Be open and sensitive to people who are suffering from it and don’t be too hard on yourself, if you are the one in it!

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