HyLyt App, the one stop solution to all work from home woes


The coronavirus pandemic has created a crucial situation where work from home or remote working has become the new norm. Difficulties arise when there are no specific timelines for the job leading to high workloads and an intrusion in the personal space of the employees.

Keeping all this in mind, Rajat Singhania, the founder of SocioRAC has brought a new mobile app called HyLyt, which provides a one-stop solution to all the productivity problems of the people working from home.

Operating on top of your current apps, HyLyt, helps manage all the important information by providing its users with enhanced productivity, preventing data leakage, and giving a 360 view of information. It is a patent-pending Unified Information Management and Business collaboration platform, inter-connecting everyone’s information on multiple parameters by going beyond the folder structure. The app works with all the commonly used file formats including Microsoft Office, multimedia, text note, chats, reminder, calendars etc.

Video conferencing apps cannot drive businesses by themselves, alone. There is a strong demand for other tools like HyLyt that incorporate collaboration, content management, video conference, file storage, reminder, calendar, etc, ultimately saving time of their potential users. At a time when remote working is prevalent throughout the globe, this hybrid model increases one’s productivity by saving, searching, organizing, and managing information all in one place.

Efficient and meticulous management of time and information are the main keys to exponential business growth. HyLyt helps its potential customers regain complete control over all the important information. Using the app will not only make the businesses more profitable but also impart immense peace of mind to the employees working from home, in the times of the corona crisis.

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