In Conversation with Bhakti Heda & Padma Heda, the duo behind this initiative

  • We absolutely love your Mom-Daughter pairing! Tell us a little about yourself and your Mom and both of your previous working experiences?

My mother, Padma Heda has been a home-maker and she has been painting for years before marriage! As a child, I have always seen her decorating our house with everything that was handmade, be it our birthdays, festivals like Diwali, or just in general. As for me, I am a graduate in Computer Science but chose to pick up my passion for painting just like my mother and I am lucky to have learned everything about colours from her.  

  • Hand-painted products are definitely an art! How was the idea of ‘Our Magic Brush’ born?

Our Magic Brush was born out of the idea aim to have my mother continue her precious artwork since we all believed that she is so good at it! For her 50th birthday, the kids of my family collected all her paintings, got them framed and we managed to host an Art Exhibition in Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery in Pune. And I must say that every person who visited the exhibit, could not stop talking about how beautiful her artwork was! She was pretty encouraged by all the praise and good wishes and now continues to indulge in her craft with the initiative of Our Magic Brush. 

  • We see that you are into a wide array of products. However, your face-masks have caught our attention. What is the concept behind hand-painted cartoon face masks? 

Face-masks are essential and we all should encourage each other to wear one at all times when we step outside. From that thought, an idea stemmed from the fact that most people would love and feel encouraged if their masks looked quirky, felt comfortable and made them look cool! Thus, our masks are hand-painted with goofy cartoon characters, are reusable, comfortable and sustainable. A pretty good package stuffed in one product! 

  • Who is the target audience of ‘Our Magic Brush’?

Our Magic Brush is for any and everyone who loves artistic products. We also conduct workshops for people who are interested in learning Art. 

  • Hand-painted products fall under an array of exclusivity! How do you manage to create an affordable standard for your line of products?  

Our focus has always been on delivering the best quality of work always. Our product pricing and so on is designed around it and we strive to provide our customers with the best looking, comfortable feeling and affordable priced product – all packed in the best quality!  

  • Tell us a little about how your raw materials are sourced, what is the quality quotient and how much time does it take per face-mask to be hand-painted and ready?

We mostly source our raw material from local areas. We make sure to indulge in a thorough quality test for each cloth that is sourced and make sure that it is comfortable, breathable and protective for the face before launching it on our social media spaces. Each of our face masks takes around 45 – 90 minutes to be hand-painted in detail and be completed with all its finishing touches.  

  • Would you mind sharing your financial investment and the turnover that you have earned or are looking forward to earning? 

Since we have just begun our initiative and our brand is at a very nascent stage, I feel that we wouldn’t have much to contribute to this in terms of figures.  

  • A start-up business can be majorly successful or dauntingly unsuccessful. How did you decide to take the plunge and chose to start your own business?

Our love for Art is the only reason we began ‘Our Magic Brush’ and we shall hopefully continue working along to introduce new products with different themes and ideas. We love what we do and put our hearts to it every single day!  

  • What is the plan ahead for ‘Our Magic Brush’ in terms of growth, investment, new products, etc?

Our aim has been to keep our customers happy and intrigued with all our new products and which is why we keep launching new variants of each line that we produce. We want to keep the exclusivity of ‘everything handmade’ with our brand. 

  • Would you like to share some advice to budding start-ups or to someone that has a business idea and is contemplating it?

I would always say that, put your ideas on paper and always practice your art every day! Most importantly, have patience and love what you do. When you believe in your art, your fruit of labour would always ripe. 

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