We have finally reached the last month of the year, something that we have all been waiting for! With December comes all the celebrations, the festive season and the favourite part – Gifting. The holiday month is for merry and cheers and spreading love and happiness. It is to end the year in gratitude and hope for a better year next month. Thus, I bring to you interesting gift ideas for this season and brands that do a wonderful job at curating some of the best products for gifting purposes.

  1. Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori is one of the most popular local & hand-crafted leather brands that source exquisite leather and creates some of the chicest products that could be used to gift your loved one. From wallets to bags and trunks to stationery products, the brand has a wide variety of hand-crafted leather goodies that you can choose from. They also have great festive gifting boxes with an interesting mix of goodies from their store.

  1. Nykaa

Nykaa is every girl’s dream and is also known as the make-up heaven. With almost all the brands available on the website and at the store, Nykaa is a great option to club a bunch of make-up products for your mother, sister or girl-friends. It is also a thoughtful gift option since all the ladies will need a new lipstick shade or eye-shadow palette for the festive month! The brand also offers a gift-card option where you can load in a money balance and let your loved one choose their favourite products.

  1. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is known as one of the most luxury Ayurveda brands that use natural ingredients and smell delicious. They are also popular for their elaborate gifting boxes and scented presentation which makes it a wonderful option for gifting. From skin-care to fragrances, the brand should definitely be checked out. Forest Essentials also does gift-cards and gift-boxes that are easy to choose and loved by all age-groups.

  1. Foodhall

Foodhall equals the best place for all your belly-happiness. From artisanal goodies to commercial brands to brands from abroad and local produce, you can choose from a wide palette of options and make a gift basket filled with crisps, crackers, coffee, fruits, a bottle of wine and chocolates! This way, it also helps your loved one to get a taste of different goodies and you can all share some chocolate as dessert post dinner.

  1. Zara

Zara is known for their chic-looking clothing and they are absolutely the best when it comes to winter fashion. From jackets to scarves and from boots to denim, they have it all. Zara is an all-time high-end fashion brand that most men and women love to own and thus it makes it a superb gifting choice. The brand offers a gift-card option which is wonderful so that your loved one can pick up whatever they like or even better if you know their choice, you can pick up a lovely scarf or high boots for the winter season.

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