Firstly, congratulations on becoming an expectant parent! It is definitely one of the most exciting & overwhelming phases of a woman’s life. From conceiving to delivering, these 9 exciting months of your life is going to be worth remembering. However, apart from all the excitement and happiness, comes stress and low days too! From morning sickness to various other changes in the woman’s body, an expectant Mom is always flooded with emotions, self-doubt and subconscious stress which is very natural.

Focussing on the current situation of a pandemic, expectant mothers are even more likely to be one of the most sensitive target groups when it comes to understanding how the virus functions and how should to-be moms take care of themselves. From immunity pills to homemade recipes and from exercising regularly to staying indoors, there are several measures that have been dished out by doctors globally for this specific target group.

However, with vaccines that have successfully been churned out by various countries with different formulas – the dilemma lies in understanding if it is safe for pregnant women? Three major vaccines namely, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson’s & Johnson’s Janssen are currently being tried and tested on the target group and have shown positive results with no red flags yet. It is said that these vaccines do not have the live virus which makes it safer than other vaccines like the Covishield & Covaxin which is known to have the virus within it!

There have increasingly been pregnant women around the globe that are volunteering to take the vaccine while being a great study target for this global research as well as safeguarding themselves from the deadly virus. However, administering the vaccine on pregnant women is strictly done only after the patient’s consent while ensuring that they fully understand the risk a vaccine may carry in one of the hundred bodies that no doctor can wholly foresee.

Thus, if you are someone who is currently pregnant – speak to your practitioner and have an in-detailed conversation about the possible side effects, a cure in case something turns risky and the benefits of taking the vaccine in the first place. Always remember, it is two lives that you are dealing with, so think carefully and indulge in the practice only and only if you are convinced and confident about it.

Till then, indulge in social distancing, eat healthily, take your prenatal vitamins, exercise regularly and be positive. Know that you are doing your best and are birthing a new life in one of the most critical times that the world is experiencing. You are already a strong Mama! You’ve got this.

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