We are living in a day and age where small businesses are only small in size but extremely successful and at par with the bigger brands. Most small-scale businesses are usually looking at a very specific purpose and their goals are limited to one final output that is mostly an end solution for a problem. May it be skin-care or clothing, most start-ups in these categories are looking at saving the environment, employing local artists, sourcing raw material from the local producers, reducing chemical content and proving a high-quality product to their consumers. Keeping in mind their sensitivity towards our nature and rural skilled labour, a mindful consumer is usually up and ready to spend a little more and in turn avail of a truly sourced and hand-made product.

As for Ka-Sha India, a clothing label that is conscious of the environment, promises quality, offers a contemporary craft and has been founded by Karishma Shahani Khan. She is a graduate of the prestigious London School of Fashion and has always been a conscious and mindful designer when it comes to sourcing and procuring materials for her brand. She has worked at going above and beyond at understanding the interlink between sustainability & fashion and most importantly deep compassion towards the management of people working within the organisation.

Ka-Sha India has launched many projects like ‘Heart to Haath’ – a socially responsible initiative where the main idea is to work with old clothing that is almost like waste and re-design and upcycle it into a new piece. The initiative also looks at spreading awareness and educating local manufacturers, skilled labours and general consumers about sustainable fashion.

Another interesting initiative that was born out of the pandemic is ‘Together – Ek Saath’ – a collective foundation that is formed around the concept of collaborations. The crux of this initiative is to bring together artisans and labour of the industry together to form a circle that will engage in skill-development, practice design, understand the importance of locally made products and works towards helping each other to stay afloat during this pandemic. The goal of this mission is to generate livelihood, develop skills, repurpose materials, enhance economic growth and promote responsible consumption of fashion.

Ka-Sha India is doing it best to promote a conscious consumption of fashion to its consumer and most importantly working with the back force in enhancing their skills, educating them about the industry and in turn helping the environment by reducing the impact of waste material that is dumped into nature every day!

Featured by top media houses like Vogue India, Times of India, Indian Express, Forbes India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicles and so on, Ka-Sha India is known for its conscious thought processes in the fashion industry, is popular for its innovative design in each clothing piece that it churns out and is definitely a brand to invest in and look out for!

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