We are living in what is a once in a lifetime experience – a pandemic. While it isn’t something that anyone is happy about but it has definitely changed a lot of lives for good and bad and has taught us some of the most important life lessons within a year. These lessons are also some that will surely stay with us for the rest of our lives and should hopefully change us for the better. Here are some massive observations from around the globe!

  1. The Value Of Everyone’s Job

This lockdown has taught us the value of each individual’s job, may it be a sweeper or care-taker, a school teacher or the Prime Minister – we all depend on each other to co-exist and live our lives. Life did pause for a bit and with inconvenience comes learnings and adaptation. When thrown out of your comfort zone, is when one realises the importance of others in their life.

  1. Life Is Beyond Our Control

As human beings, we believe that we are the strongest species on the planet. So, to counter-attack that belief – this pandemic has taught us that we are just a minuscule part of the earth with little or absolutely no control of our lives and most importantly nature. None of us could have really done much to save human-kind from this deadly disease. Thus, it is better that we respect nature, learn from our mistakes and not burden other species around us.

  1. The Importance Of Digitisation

The only thing that brought us together as mankind during this pandemic is the digital world. From the education system to work-life and from connecting with our loved ones to the medical system, everyone was aided through some form of digital media. Technology has been one of the best creations by humans and is a medium to get through life easier.

  1. Value The Time Spent With Loved Ones

With several unfortunate deaths due to the deadly disease, we’ve all come to realise that no amount of time spent with your loved one is enough. On a brighter note, most of us also got to spend a lot of time at home with our family and it has been a refreshing chapter for all of us to catch up on living life together. So, try to spend more time with your family and friends. Work will always be there, they wouldn’t.

  1. Hygiene Is Our Best Bet

One of the most important lessons learned is maintaining hygiene. We have never been so choosy or picky about every surface in the house or even several times of bathing. The pandemic has taught us to be cleaner, tidier and more hygienic. And it is not only advantageous in a medical way but also for your mental well-being and positivity. All in all for the better!

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