Let’s just accept that one of the toughest jobs is that of a home-maker. The job requires one to be physically active, mentally available, emotionally stable and always up & ready for everyone that needs their attention. It is also unfortunately a thankless job for most women in India where it is seen more as a duty than an effort and is still shunned off without an acknowledgment of how much work goes into handling a household!

This piece doesn’t take away the fact that working women in the professional space who are also home-makers aren’t due for credit, however, the ones that are purely convinced that their place is at home and those who choose to be home-makers are the ones that need a pat on their shoulder and most importantly a medal of credit for all the love and stability they bring to a home.

Today, we shall focus on one of the most important aspects of home-makers that make them so imperfectly perfect! And that is of, time-management. To be a house-wife is basically to be a manager of a complex system made up of different individuals with different tastes and needs and a job which doesn’t ever offer you a holiday, is a full-time job, requires you to have a pleasant smiling face and positive behavior and is practically one of the most difficult yet least appreciative job!

A typical Indian home-maker starts her morning in the wee hours while everyone is still asleep, whips up breakfast – mostly offering at least two options because Indians do love a variety of food on their plate, packs lunch-boxes for the husband and kids, ensures to have the kids up, indulges in their bathing sessions – getting them ready for school and even dropping them off to their bus or mode of transport while rushing back home to see the husband off to work. Moving onto ensuring a full-fledged complete lunch that is cooked for the in-laws while wrapping up laundry, home hygiene, picking the kids from school and serving them lunch, having them rest & making them study to preparing for dinner and cooking it too, all with or without house help, serving dinner and wrapping up the kitchen which is a full-time job in itself, being left with absolutely no energy but spending time with the husband and dozing off with the thought of what should be cooked for tomorrow?

Apart from all of these, comes in social functions, keeping up with relations, learning a new skill which helps at home and trying to achieve sometime for yourself which is almost impossible. Now, sit and spare a minute and think hard! How do these super-women spend their whole lives like this? They do it with a smile on their face and would do it a hundred times more! So, if your mom, sister, wife, friend or anyone who knows who is a home-maker and is giving it their all – take the time to cheer for them, let them know that a home is made up of women like them, help around if you live in a home like this and make sure to encourage the men of the house – Share the Load? Because why not? After all, it’s not only a woman’s job!

Celebrate Women, Celebrate You!

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