World Health Day is celebrated on the 07th of April every year and it came into effect from 1950 by the organisation whose founding is seen as an event that is dedicated and draws attention to global health every year! WHO has been organising theme-based events since the day’s inception and is also one of the official global health campaigns marked by the organisation.

As for World Health Day 2021, the theme is ‘Building A Fairer, Healthier World’! It strives to focus on the inequality that millions face in the form of healthcare and the right to achieve basic health services in spite of caste, creed, religion, race, or gender. At most times, it is the poorer sections of the society that need to struggle for health amenities due to less income, poor housing, illiteracy and unsafe environments, thus leading to premature deaths & avoidable illnesses.

The theme of this year tries to ensure that each person gets comfortable living and working conditions to strive in, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. The urge to leaders globally is to make sure that people are able to access health amenities whenever and wherever they need them. With COVID-19 having taken millions of lives globally, the major concentration is on countries that have less or no basic necessities, ones that are exposed to high-risk illnesses and lesser access to high quality health services.

With this day being one of the most important ones established by WHO, it has fortunately brought to surface important health issues like child-care, mental health and maternal care which have not been given as much importance over the years! By celebrating important themes like these, it works as an opportunity to stress over the issues and garner a global perspective on global health as a topic.

Global health is one of the most important categories that has always been a priority for organisations like WHO as it covers the basic necessity of human well-being. From mental to physical and emotional health, World Health Day strives to stress the importance of good health for each and every person in the world. It focuses and elaborates on the importance of access to hygienic amenities and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of class, creed, color, or gender.

It is important that we are all in this together and we collectively need to combine efforts in order to aid the aged, help the under-privileged and encourage the uneducated about their rights to basic health services and ensure that each and everyone around us is healthy and happy.

*References have been taken from the official website of the World Health Organisation*

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