With very less sexual knowledge in India, there have been many misunderstandings about condoms that are leading to various problems. Myths about condoms are driving many of us to take unwanted steps. So, let’s know more about myths and facts.

Myth: Not necessary to use condoms during oral sex

Fact: Oral sex doesn’t carry the risk of pregnancy but has the potential to transmit STIs  (Sexually Transmitted Infections). So, it is healthy to use condoms and a dental dam during oral sex to protect from STIs.

Note: Flavoured condoms are specially for oral sex.

Myth: Using two condoms is better than one

Fact: Usage of two condoms would create friction between them and can lead to breakage of either one or both. Using one condom in the right way will help in controlling unwanted pregnancy. It will also avoid the transmission of STIs and STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Myth: Condoms are only meant for men

Fact: Men and Women both can use condoms as there are options like internal and external condoms that are available.

Note: Usage of both external and internal condoms would cause friction leading to the breakage of either one or both. 

Myth: It’s okay to reuse condoms

Fact: Reusing condoms is very risky as it won’t be effective. The friction caused while the first use would have weakened the condom and break easily. It might also slip off or leak.

Myth: Condoms do not expire, can be stored for a much longer time

Fact: Condoms have a shelf life of 1-5 years as per the brand, material, and how well it is stored. Check the expiry date mentioned on packets before you purchase. The expired condoms will be less effective, it might break easily and also causes rashes and allergies.

Myth: Size does not matter

Fact: Well, it does. Condoms are available in different sizes, which can stretch to fit different penis sizes. Find your perfect match, if it is too small it could create irritation and would break easily and if it is too loose it can slip off.

Myth: No need for condoms if she is on a pill

Fact: Having sex without condoms is always risky. In some cases, there might also be a risk of having an unwanted pregnancy even when she is on the contraceptive pill. Consumption of the pill doesn’t prevent STIs.

Always be cautious and have a healthy sex life.

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