National Pets Day 2021: Let’s Save A Life By Adopting And Not Shop


National Pets Day, celebrated on April 11, every year. This day is dedicated to celebrating the bond between an individual and a pet. No term can explain the bond between a human and a pet. On this National Pets Day let’s talk about #adoptdontshop.

No one should make a decision half-heartedly when you decide to bring a pet into your life. As the quote says, “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms”. Many of them don’t tend to adopt but always choose to purchase as they prefer a particular breed. But, how about the strays that are living their lives on the streets?

“Money can’t buy you happiness”,  love is unconditional for animals.

Here is why you should adopt and not shop: 

  1. When you adopt a pet it’s like you saved a life and that’s one of the major reasons.  You give a pet a new start by adopting. 
  2. You do not help breeders as you adopt; many animals are forced to breed and raised under unfair terms which are almost like a “rape” culture when it comes to breeding. When you adopt most of such activities come under control and promote animal rights.
  3. Adoption helps avoid the overpopulation of dogs, cats, or any other animal. By opting to adopt a dog that already needs care and love rather than buying a pet from the store or breeder for a certain kind of pet.
  4. Showing kindness to the voiceless makes you a better person. When you love selflessly and you learn a lot more about yourself. 
  5. Last, of all, they deserve a forever home, to be loved, cared and live a healthy life. It’s not just them, you will find a best friend that cannot be replaceable. 

Animals have greater loyalty and love. On the occasion of National Pet Day 2021, we acknowledge their importance and role in our lives. Let’s spread awareness about ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’.

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