National Safe Motherhood Day 2021: Here Is What You All Need To Know About


The White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) National Safe Motherhood Day is a Non-Profit Organization campaign to ensuring that all mothers or childbirth are safe. National Safe Motherhood Day came into force in  2003, the Indian Government announced that it would be the first country to celebrate such a cause. On April 11, the country agreed in honor of Kasturba Gandhi to celebrate National Safe Motherhood Day.

To raise a concern about proper access to medical care while pregnancy, birth, or postnatal health, as well as an emphasis on anemia reduction, the White Ribbon Alliance, agreed annually to observe National Safe Maternity Day.

India is one of the world’s highest birth risk countries, liable for 12% of maternal deaths worldwide.

Deaths and stats during and after pregnancy 

About 830 mothers, as per the World Health Organization (WHO), die every day due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Routine obstetric causes – hemorrhage, cancer, hypertensive disorders, ruptured uterus, hepatitis, and anemia – account for about 50-98 percent of maternal deaths, says the WHO.

Qualified treatment will save the lives of women and newbies in accordance with the WHO before and after birth.

In India, 51% of women were receiving all four antenatal checks during pandemic and 79% institutional delivery. Demand for family planning programs met with new approaches decreased by 67%.

WRAI members pick a national theme each year and conduct extensive campaigns to raise awareness of the pregnant and lactating woman health and maternal care services. The events will aim to raise the consciousness of the welfare of women and ensure their right to life, including safe delivery and breastfeeding, under all conditions.

Theme for 2021

The theme of 2020 was “Stay at home while Coronavirus”, “Keep Mother and New-born Healthy from Coronavirus.”

The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has been identified as an international public health emergency. Pregnant women have the right to high-quality treatment before and after the pregnancy, particularly those with confirmed or suspected COVID 19 infections. This covers pregnancy, newborn, postnatal treatment, intrapartum, and emotional care is the theme for 2021.


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