1. Tell us a little about yourself & your team and your previous working experience?

Gifts Tell All is ten years old and has been founded by me, Nikita, and my sister Namrata. We do have a team in place but we make sure to completely involved in each gifting process since the packaging and detail of each order is different and attention to detail is required. We make sure to give each order a personal touch and our goal is to never compromise on quality whatsoever!

  1. How was the idea of ‘Gifts Tell All’ born?

Gifts Tell All was born out of our combined passion to package gifts beautifully. We were once requested to help a dear friend package her wedding gift and that’s how the idea of our passion project was born. Gradually we started packaging gifts commercially and now we are a fully established packaging firm for all your gifting & décor needs.

  1. What is the concept of Gifts Tell All?

The concept behind Gifts Tell All is primarily to handle the perfect presentation and image of the person gifting and the person receiving the gift. In today’s day and age, gifting does not only revolve around the gift but it is actually a wholesome idea of packaging the gift beautifully and with all the love for the special person and for the occasion. Packaging your gift well is more of an art and should speak for itself apart from the gift itself. The perfect presentation sends out a vibe of luxury, love & art.

  1. Who is the target audience of Gifts Tell All?

Our target audience is almost everyone! From adults to teenagers and from the older generation to young kids, everyone loves gifting and more so receiving gifts too. As for the pandemic situation that we have faced this year, gifting has become more of a necessity since most of us choose to stay indoors and not socialize. Thus, sending across a perfectly packaged gift is one of the best ways to express your love & gratitude for your loved one. We have been the perfect mediator to send across your love to your family & friends and make sure they have a smile on their face.

  1. Gift packaging has become a huge industry these days. And with several established brands in the market – how successful do you think is the idea of starting up a new business in the same industry on a local level?

We would say, the more – the merrier. We personally feel that every new start-up in any industry should be welcomed with open hands because each of us is different and each of us has a different idea. Saying that the more competition – the better you are at challenging yourself and it serves as a great platform to learn from one another. We absolutely feel that if you give it your best shot, you are bound to succeed. So, go ahead and take that leap of faith.

  1. Take us through your hamper styles, price ranges, specialties and customization offer?

Our hamper styles revolve around the concept of clean, neat & chic! We indulge in a lot of whites, golds & florals and make sure to have the hamper look very classy & luxurious. We do cater to individual customisation and can have the order look more colorful and busier in its design layout if that’s what our clients want! But if left to our taste, we tend to bend towards a cleaner & chic look for most of our gifts. 

  1. A start-up business can be majorly successful or dauntingly unsuccessful. How did you decide to take the plunge and chose to start your own business?

We started Gifts Tell All ten years ago. Before that Namrata was working with a financial investment company while I, Nikita was working with a start-up in those days. Over a period of time, we both realized that it would be a better idea to invest our time, energy and funds into our own dream rather than working for someone else’s. We made sure that we put in our 200% effort and worked extremely hard to turn our passion project dream into reality. We believe that no matter what hurdles come your way, if you know it in your heart and put in all that you have, you will surely be successful at whatever you do.

  1. Would you like to share some advice to budding start-ups or to someone that has a business idea and is contemplating it?

We would say that if anyone has an idea, they should absolutely go for it. It is imperative for you to believe in yourself, your dream and do whatever it takes for you to get to your goal. If you have a vision and you know the path ahead, make sure to get your research in place, check your marketing strategies and your competition, dive deep into your background check and once you feel prepared, don’t over-think it! Just go for it head down and full on. The thing with a start-up is that success is never guaranteed and until you do not test yourself, you will never know! Always remember that you’ll face sleepless nights, frustrating days, may loose out on a few friendships or relations but in the end, it will all be worth it! You do you!

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