Sex Trafficking is a form of human trafficking for the sole purpose of sexual favours, sexual exploitation and sexual slavery. Majorly restricted to women, sex trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where women are sold along to other states within a country and onto international borders with the motive of indulging in commercial sex like prostitution, bars, as escorts and individual sexual favours to high profile professionals.

Human Trafficking especially for the purpose of sex is inhumane and one of the most unfortunate kinds. To be sold to someone and then have your body being used without consent is the worst way to demean a human being. With approximately 18 million women and children being involved into sex trafficking, these alarming numbers portray the obscene plight of women in the country. As for India, 90% of trafficking happens within the country and 10% is diverted to overseas space. With a mounting rate of 65,000 children – all below the age of 16 years who are trafficked for sexual exploitation, there are cases where a hefty number of children are all below 5 years.

With alarming statistics like these, it is difficult to eradicate the problem altogether but not impossible. There are various organisations and NGOs that have tirelessly been working towards preventing, rescuing and rehabilitating women involved in the sex trade. With a lot of more groundwork and support that is required from the government, organisations and generally as a society, sex trafficking needs to be on the priority list of social problems. It is noticed that some of the main causes of this act are poverty, illiteracy, high demand for cheap labour, lack of economic opportunities and the business of traffickers that involve lots of profit and an easy way of earning a regular income.

The business of sex trafficking has always been intelligently implemented and put in place with a chain of professionals involved to make the process smooth and effortless and mainly to not have the victim know that she is a victim in the first place. The chain follows as Spotters 🡪 Procurers 🡪 Transporters 🡪 Organizers 🡪 Brothel Owners 🡪 Brokers / Pimps 🡪 Clients, all in which there are women involved in the business too and have their set share of payments and incentives involved!

With organisations & NGO’s like Prajwala, Rescue Foundation, Gudiya, International Justice Mission and many more in this space, there is hope for victims of sex trafficking. From volunteering to donating, one could get involved as much as they can and help out through education, support groups, financial donations and volunteering to be a part of these organisations in person by spending time with these victims and helping them unlearn their unfortunate experiences.

Sex Trafficking is one of the saddest forms of abuse and as a woman, I urge each reader to take the time to read up, educate yourselves and people around you, learn to identify alarming cases if there are any that you observe and always lend a helping hand in whatever capacity because you never know when you’ll be the reason behind changing someone’s life for good!

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