It is usually said that ‘Home is where the heart is’! And rightly so. Having a home is life’s greatest blessings. It serves as a safe place for you and your family and is a comfort zone where you can unwind, relax and just be yourself. Thus, for such an important space – one needs to make the most of it by creating a cosy atmosphere that is warm and fuzzy for the soul. With hundreds of home-décor options available, you’ll only be more confused. So here I am to suggest simple and staple steps that you can follow to make your home look cosy, feel fuzzy and makes one feel instantly loved and at home.

  1. Set The Tone To Your Lights, Right!

Correct lighting is the secret behind setting the mood right! White lights usually make space look bigger and wider while yellow lights make the space look warm and cosy. And then there are off-white or cream lights which are a mix of white and yellow that brighten up the room and have a couple of options with remote sensing to choose one according to the mood you want to set! It would be a really good idea to add a bedside lamp or fairy lights in the background for an Instagram-worthy interior.

  1. Make Curtains & Rugs Your Best Friend

Textiles add textures to the look and feel of the space. Thus, choosing the right fabric, colour and design are necessary. If you are choosing subtle curtains, tone it down with the rug or carpet and vice versa. For added cosiness, you can choose double layered curtains with the main layer opening out and the inner blinds could be sheer or lacy to have sunlight come in but not directly.

  1. Add Life To Your Home By Those Greens

Green plants are the best interior accessory to a room. From a medium sized bonsai to a large palm plant, greens do its own magic. And for those who aren’t plant lovers, artificial ones could be a saviour. They are affordable and do not have to be taken care of every day. Filling the corners of your room or a side-table with a small pot plant does make the room filled with life!

  1. Accessorize With Cushions & Blankies

Colourful cushions in different sizes and warm blankets were thrown over the couch artistically makes for a very stylish look! These two accessories add comfort to your seating, make the look & feel cosier and have an inviting feel to your home. Always try to have contrasting tones to your accessories and seating area.

  1. Be Obsessed With A Good Scent

 Good smelling homes are an understatement. A warm-vanilla or peppermint flavour at home will have you stay at home for longer. Invest in scented candles, potpourri, incense sticks, or essentials oils in a diffuser. Whatever works for you! But make sure to add an aroma to your home.

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