Smoking is the act of inhaling nicotine into your body through the form of cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Nicotine is highly addictive and once it enters the body, it activates the nicotine receptors of the brain. The faster your body and brain receives an amount of nicotine; the more addictive is its effect on the human body.

Smoking is injurious to health and is one of the most largely preventive forms of cancer. In spite of knowing its bad effects on our health, there is a large population that indulges in smoking and some of which are chain-smokers! Smoking largely and heavily affects the lungs beyond repair and additionally affects different parts of the body over a period of time – thus leading to cancer and many other ailments. Here are some of the negative effects that smoking causes:

Central Nervous System: Nicotine affects the brain, one of the most important body parts that control the entire body. Due to its highly addictive quotient, the brain starts to crave for more and higher dozes can further lead to extreme mood alterations, thus making it extremely difficult to quit.

Respiratory System: Smoking can cause various lung related conditions such as chronic bronchitis – a permanent inflammation to the lining of the breathing tubes of the lungs; lung cancer – a form of cancer that affects the lungs permanently, asthma – a breathing ailment and many more respiratory related issues.

Cardiovascular System: Smoking is one of the biggest contributors to heart-related ailments as it can cause high blood pressure, increase blood clots, raise your chances for a stroke that leads to a heart attack and other heart diseases. Over a period of time, smoking causes the blood vessels to tighten, thus reducing the blood flow and causes damage to the blood vessels.

Integumentary System: They say, you can come to know when a person is a smoker. That’s primarily because it affects your physical appearance like your fingernails and toenails that leads to fungal infections, possible chances of hair balding and greying and makes your lips darker in color along with the bad breath.

Digestive System: Smoking leads to mouth cancer which affects the mouth, esophagus, throat and larynx. It also has to lead to developing insulin resistance and risk of diabetes which further complicates your daily lifestyle with a restricted intake of food.

Sexual & Reproductive System: Smoking affects the sexual desire in males and females. It has definitely shown a decrease in sexual performance for men and the inability to reach orgasm for women. Thus, it poses chances for a low sex drive and can cause discomfort in a relationship.

With so many negative effects on the body, we are sure that smoking doesn’t do any good! Thus, if you are a smoker or know someone who is one – encourage them to quit their habit slowly and gradually. Save your life and live a healthy one because there is only one life to live.

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