In Conversation with Dharmik, a student entrepreneur who is earning a livelihood through his creative skills by making face-masks! 

  1. We absolutely love your journey as a young entrepreneur! Tell us a little about yourself and if you have any previous working experience?

Thank you for loving my Entrepreneuring. I am currently studying at B.SV (Hons.) Horticulture from Junagadh Agricultural University, Gujarat. I am currently a student and do not possess that much working experience. However, I do have an artistic hand and a creative mind and I am extremely passionate about my skills in painting, sketching, churning out the best out of waste products and anything to do with art & craft, always since I was a child!

  • Hand-made products that are made locally are definitely an art! How was the idea of ‘’ born?

When the pandemic was officially announced, I realised that face-masks are going to be the next big product in the market! So, I thought to myself – why not make face-masks interesting? Giving surgical masks a break, I personally wanted to use my creative skills to make something productive. As I witnesses parents struggle to have their kids wear a face-mask, I started making them with cartoon designs to attract the designated customer! And I am happy that my idea worked and the initiative was a hit.  

  • We see that your products are pretty colourful and eye-catchy! What is the concept and inspiration behind each of your designs?  

Customisation has been the key to my success. Each design of each mask has been a healthy combination of what my customer wants v/s my own creative design. With over 500 designs on my Instagram account, one can easily that I have a happy customer base who have appreciated and accepted my art. 


  • Who is the target audience of ‘’?

As a start-up, my target was my family and friends. But as time passed, more people started to know about me through my social media handles and word of mouth and gradually I was loaded with orders from different parts of India, right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I am proud to state that I have delivered my designs to all the major cities in India.

  • Hand-made products fall under an array of exclusivity! How do you manage to create an affordable standard for your line of products?  

My products range between Rs.50 – Rs.300 depending on the level of customisation required. My team members include my mother and sister, which is why I do not charge for packaging & labor or GST too! My products are completely handmade and designed with a lot of love and hard work, also with a motto to deliver the best quality product at an affordable rate to all my customers. 

  • Tell us a little about how your raw materials are sourced, what is the quality quotient and how much time does each face-mask take to be completely ready?

I am from Surat – the textile city of Gujarat which is an absolute bonus! The city has an abundance of various types of materials which have made it easy for me to find affordable & good quality materials for my products! As for the time-frame, it totally depends on the type of design that my customer chooses. Each mask takes roughly between 15-60 minutes to design and the portrait-designed ones take at least one to two days as we personally hand-paint each person’s portrait. 

  • Would you mind sharing your financial investment and the turnover that you have earned or are looking forward to earning? 

I am extremely grateful for what I have earned and achieved in such a short span of time. However, at this point in time, I personally feel that I wouldn’t be able to comment on any definite figures as I am still very young in the business and am working hard to make it big! Maybe, I will be able to share some information on the same in the future. 

  • A start-up business can be majorly successful or dauntingly unsuccessful. How did you decide to take the plunge and chose to start your own business?

My passion for art and the necessity of masks is the only reason I decided to start And I am very hopeful that we shall continue our journey with happy and satisfied customers.

  • What is the plan ahead for ‘’ in terms of growth, investment, new products, etc?

My future plans as of now are to acquire a space for myself that I can dedicate to everything about art & craft! I am very interested in making various other crafts like hair-accessories, jewelry, home-décor items, and a wide array of other goodies that will attract a wider audience. My intent is to make each product by hand and at an affordable price. 

  • Would you like to share some advice to budding start-ups or to someone that has a business idea and is contemplating it?

It may sound cliché, but I believe that it is so important for anyone trying their hands at something new – to follow their passion and dream and most importantly choose to do something that makes them happy! Never try to think of the money you’ll earn, instead try your hands at earning happiness and I promise that money will follow. Start your business on a small scale and then put extra efforts into making it bigger and better. Believe in yourself and keep going, because that is the key to success! 

You can find the products on 

Instagram: @maskvaale.com_

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Contact Details: Dharmik Asha Mukesh Lakhani / +91-7203004288

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