It is said that your body is a temple and it is literally the only place you have to live in. There is so much focus on understanding and keeping up with physical health that most of us forget to emphasize, understand and talk about mental health. Training your mind to be healthy and remain positively sane requires an effort as much as we engage in a gym or workout session.

With a focus on India, there is being gradual progress when it comes to speaking about mental health, however, there is still a stigma attached to it. Additionally, there is a glitch in understanding the concept to its true sense. If you are someone who feels that mental health means depression, you are wrong. The category of illness is so much more than just being depressed or sad. It has various segments under its umbrella and there is so much more that science is still working on when it comes to understanding the human brain and mind.
Mental health is as crucial as physical health and it is that simple to make an appointment with a psychologist as it is with a general physician. However, acceptance is what is needed from the person suffering and their support group who is taking care of them. Educating children in school and teenagers in college is important, however – adults need to be educated too by their counter-parts, friends, or even doctors who understand mental health in depth.
It is important that we do not shun the topic away or brush it under the carpet. Instead, we all need to rise and acknowledge that it is a daily part of our lives and it could happen to anyone. So, if you are someone who feels mentally ill, disturbed, or just uncomfortable – speak to someone you trust, visit a doctor and get all the help you need. On the other hand, if you aren’t someone who is sick, be observant of your family and friends. Ask them if you notice signs and be supportive because you never know when you’ll be saving a life!
Here are some professional contacts in five cities where you can seek help or help someone dear to you.
Ms. Shreya Verma
Degree: MPhil with 11 years of experience
Contact: +91- 9999746949
Address: Shree Krishna Medical and Research Centre, Pocket 3, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi
In-clinic fee: ₹2000(approx.)
Ms. Aparna Gupta
Degree: MPhil with 15 years of experience
Contact: +91- 9810466411
Address: Gurgaon Multispecialty Clinic, 194 P, Sector 27 Gurgaon, 122009
In-clinic fee: ₹1500(approx.)
Dr. Owais Akram Farooqui
Degree: PhD with 20 years of experience
Contact: +91- 9868456011
Address: Pathfinders Clinic, C-05, Ground floor, Sector-19, Landmark: Opposite Fortune School
In-clinic fee: ₹1500(approx.)
Dr. Chavi Bhargava Sharma
Degree: PhD with 32 years of experience
Address: Dr. Chavi’s Clinic, Siddhi Vinayak Polyclinic, Sector-21 C Market, Landmark: Near Sant Nirankari Hospital
In-clinic fee: ₹2000(approx.)
Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji
Degree: Ph.D & Psy.D with 16 years of experience
Contact: 01414156674
Address: B-604 Glory, Vasant Marvel Western Express Highway, Landmark: near Magathane Telephone Exchange, Borivali(East), Mumbai 400066
In-clinic fee: ₹2500(approx.)

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