When is the last time you came across someone who is completely comfortable and happy with their body from head to toe? Each one of us has aspirations of looking a certain way, dressing in a particular style and having a certain body for which we spend thousands and are still not satisfied! Have you ever thought WHY? That is because we have allowed the society and market around us to dictate the rules and we have sadly agreed to be their puppets subconsciously. With such unrealistic body and beauty aspirations that have been laid out, here we focus on the negative effects on us and our daily lives!

Fad Diets: We live in a world where ‘Fad Diets’ are believed to help one lose considerable weight; make you look a certain way and promises you to become a completely different person. Well, let me break that bubble for you! It isn’t true. Fad Diets do help in losing weight but at the cost of lots of mood swings, reduced happiness towards food and doesn’t have long term results because most people indulge in it just to lose weight and then get back to eating unhealthy.

Cosmetology: Cosmetology is an entire industry on which ‘carving the way you look’ functions! From changing the structure of your facial features to the body and from brightening your skin to getting the perfect teeth, it is all a part of the package. These tactics have been marketed to us so well and made us believe that they are the experts in making you look beautiful, thus subconsciously making you unhappy with how you naturally look.

Unrealistic Pregnancy Image: The surmounting pressure on pregnant women and mothers who have just delivered is unfortunate. They are made to believe that their tummies should be flat within a week of delivering and should be dressed up from head to toe even if they are heavily pregnant, because why not? She is a woman and she is beautiful and she shouldn’t be allowed to not look pretty all the time!

Social Media Pressure: Social Media is the starter and main culprit of wrong social conditioning. From photoshopped images to filters and from constant photography to fewer social interactions, our lives are consumed by our phones and tabs. The pressure to constantly look pretty and deliver an on-going life schedule to the world on our accounts is obnoxious. It also is one of the main reasons why we all need to take a social media detox frequently!

Constant Mental Pressure: The mental pressure of being a certain way is so high that it is breaking families, relationships and lives in general. We have more followers than real friends and amidst all the success, we are all still so lonely. The world is filled with a sharp increase of cases with depression and other mental illnesses, lost the definition of happiness and are in constant comparison to our peers.

With so much internal negativity, what is the point of that kind of success or fame where you are faking a wide smile with a tear in your heart?

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