National Safety March Day is a campaign set up by the National Safety Council Of India (NSC) to focus on the reduction of the rate of industrial accidents and other areas that fall under the umbrella of the safety legislation. The campaign was implemented to develop and sustain the movement that focuses on Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) at a national level. Thus, in a nutshell, the National Safety March Day encourages organisations in developing activities and according to their own legal safety requirements. The movement is known for its flexibility and inclusivity.

History: NSD & NSC

The National Safety Council Of India (NSC) was set up by the Ministry Of Labour on 04th March, 1966 as an autonomous body. Thus, the foundation day was decided to be observed as the National Safety March Day in 1972. Further, it was decided to be celebrated as the National Safety Week Campaign (NSW) that will last over the span of a week.

The council was set up by the Ministry to encourage a voluntary movement on SHE at a national level. The body is a non-profit one that is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.

To focus on the objectives of the National Safety Council, there are several activities that revolve around special training courses, workshops, seminars that conduct studies like safety audits, hazard evaluation and risk assessment.


Every important movement has its objectives and goals set out. Thus, for the National Safety March Day campaign, the following are the broad and overall goals of creating a SHE culture at every workplace and ensure that it is integrated as a part and parcel of the work ethic.

– To ensure that the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) movement is integrated and engraved as a working ethic in all organisations among various parts of the country.

– To make sure that different industrial sectors participate in the implementation of this campaign within their organisation at different levels.

– To encourage a feeling of involvement & a participative approach for the employees in every organisation when it comes to, SHE activities.

– To upgrade and promote multiple developmental activities that are required for self-compliance and professional SHE management systems at multiple workplaces.

– To cover and take care of voluntary, SHE movement sectors.

– To encourage and inspire employers, employees and others of the campaign and their responsibility in making their workplace a safer environment for one another.

National Safety Day: Activities

To encourage the celebration of this important campaign, there are several activities organised at a national, state and enterprise level.

National Level

– Workshops, Seminars, Debates & Public functions on safety measures

– Media coverage by Doordarshan – the National Network and All India Radio stations along with the national and regional press that would stress the activities and functions held during the Safety March Week.

State Level

– Events organised to have everyone understand the safety measures in a regional language

– The Council displays advertisements and banners within cities & towns to stress the campaign’s importance

Enterprise Level

– Pledging to implement the campaign at each enterprise

– Workshops, Seminars and Training Programs

– Awareness Programs within local communities

– Mock Emergency Drills

Thus, this campaign is one of a kind and is one that is necessary for the health and safety of each employee working at every organisation in the country.

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