Autism or the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder and a complicated condition that affects the communication and behavioral skills of a human being. This disorder affects the nervous system and hampers the social & physical health of the affected being. With more than over a million cases per year in India alone, Autism is a condition that cannot be prevented or known beforehand since birth. It is a disorder that comes to the surface as and when a baby grows up to two or three years and shows symptoms and difficulties in everyday skills.


  • Unable to respond to their name or basic calling
  • Avoiding eye-contact
  • Inability to understand emotions
  • Avoiding physical contact
  • Avoiding company
  • Inability to communicate

How To Deal With Autism

  • Firstly, accept the situation with open arms. Know that it is a condition that couldn’t have been prevented. Avoid resentment towards yourself & the person affected
  • Visit a doctor and understand the type of autism that your loved one is diagnosed with
  • Chart out your treatment options
  • Identify the various therapies that you want to adopt and implement on your loved one
  • Most importantly, love fully! One of the best ways to treat your loved one

World Autism Awareness Day

Celebrated on the 02nd of April every year, 2021 marks the fourteenth annual year since this day has come into being. Initiated by the United Nations, the crux of the message is to recognize and celebrate the rights of persons with autism. It strives to communicate to the world that autistic people have the right to self-determination, independence and autonomy, the right to education & employment on an equal basis with others.

With a pandemic situation for this year, the United Nations have arranged a virtual event that will include moderated panel discussions with individuals on the autism spectrum who have themselves experienced the challenges and seen these new opportunities in the employment market. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary sends out a message this year where it encourages and strives to say that the rights of autistic people must be taken into account in the formulation of all responses to the COVID-19 virus. On World Autism Awareness Day, the UN requests for each of us to stand together, support each other and show solidarity with persons with autism.

Thus, if you are someone with a position of power or a decision-maker at an organisation, know that it is your prime duty to support the inclusion of disabled persons in general! Supporting disability of any form goes a long way in helping an individual & a family, may it be financially or emotionally, and most importantly, the chance to be equal to everyone else!

*References have been taken from the official website of the United Nations*

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